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Welcome to the ASMR WikiEdit

ASMR is the term used to describe a pleasant tingly sensation experienced when encountering a variety of sensory stimuli, from the sound of crinkly bags to whispering or soft speaking. The aim of this wiki is to collect the experiences of the community into one resource for all to enjoy :-)


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), also known as 'whisper chills', or the 'chills response' (in published research), is a pleasant sensation, typically felt in the head and scalp. Triggers, which can be auditory, visual or tactile, are the means by which people experience ASMR, although some individuals can trigger the sensation themselves.

Fun facts Edit

  • The "meridian" in ASMR stands for "orgasm", as the original namer thought meridian was an fancy way of saying orgasm.
  • The "orgasm" in "meridian" can also mean "eargasm"

Use the links above for a list of videos created to trigger ASMR, or further explanation on ASMR triggers.

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