A wide community of ASMR videos exists on YouTube, covering a range of triggers, from whisper videos and roleplays through to scratching, tapping and even massage videos.

Specific Producers on YouTubeEdit

The following are some notable producers of ASMR or relaxation-related videos on YouTube. If you are a producer, please feel free to add yourself or your favourites here, with a few words about the type of videos you make!

Community WebsitesEdit

Besides the YouTube ASMR community, a number of hub websites exist.

  • ASMR Radio - Site offering live streams from popular ASMR producers on YouTube, forums and live chat.
  • Whisper Community - Site collecting YouTube ASMR videos, sorting them into categories to make finding ASMR videos of your choice much easier.
  • /r/asmr - ASMR subreddit - Over 50,000 readers