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    URU Live ARG

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  • ASMR Is A Lie

    What Is ASMR

    November 18, 2016 by ASMR Is A Lie

    To Put It Simply "ASMR" Is The Ability To React To External Stimuli These Cats In This Video Are Alive And Aware of Their Surroundings And Thus React To External Stimuli Every Type of Living Organism Experiences "ASMR" Everyday of Their Life To Ask "What Is ASMR?" Is Like Asking "What Does Being Alive Mean?" If You Must Ask This Question Then It Can Logically Be Concluded That Your Not Alive or Aware of Your Surroundings This Is Why I Deleted My Facebook Page Youtube & G+ Accounts Because If Things Continue The Way Their Going Where I Come From I Will Not Be Experiencing "ASMR" Anymore Because I Will No Longer Be Present With The Living I Guess All I Really Wanted Out of Life Was To Just Be Able To Feed Play And Mate I Was Born Into A Soci…

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