Like everyone im sure the first time i remember triggering i thought " oh god, what is wrong with me?" My reason for loving ASMR is because the first time i triggered i was watching my grandfather, who was a carpenter at the time, anyways he was whittling away at some wooden boards. i was so young when he died that my first trigger set a mark in my mind to remember him.

I do not know the reason I like ASMR. I only know that the more annoying and repetitive a sound is the more it makes me tingle. For example, when I was playing Megaman 3 and I was charging up the Mega Buster, he started making a sound that everyone in the room said was god awful, but to me it was as sweet as candy, wrwrwrwarararrarararaararararara, and then when I fired it made me feel like i launched all my cares away.

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