Epic Tingly ASMR Brain Destruction!! Tapping, Bottle-Blowing, Whispering!!-0

Epic Tingly ASMR Brain Destruction!! Tapping, Bottle-Blowing, Whispering!!-0

This video was the one that defined ASMR for EGk1 and Shocking Pikachu

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The SF-922B Desktop Microphone is the primary device used by People of the Age

Although largely a Gaming and Live Action Skit channel, People of the Age have made a number of ASMR videos, directed for those who seek to relax. 

Early Introduction To ASMREdit

Channel coordinator and creator, Reid Chambers (known within the channel as EPICGAMING king1) got his start with ASMR through watching much more successful ASMR-tists, such as Heather Feather and RaffyTaphy and began creating his own kind of ASMR. While relaxing, it kept that demeanor of fun that was brought to each video on the channel. Along with his channel partner, Zac (known as Shocking Pikachu on the channel) they began to make ASMR videos and had fun while doing it.

First ASMR VideoEdit

While starting without any good equipment, the first ASMR video uploaded by EGk1 was titled "I Try ASMR! (Brushing, Tapping, Rain Drops)" and was uploaded Feb 5th 2017. This was the first step into the duos ASMR style as it had the low budget that was natural for the channel, but provided the essential relaxation needed for any typical ASMR video. This began a climb to try and find better equipment, which lead to Shocking Pikachu buying an SF-922B microphone. This later became the signature staple of the channels' ASMR movement, as it was perfect for what was being done.

The channel has a total of 8 ASMR videos currently uploaded, and have said that they will make more in the future. When asked by a subscriber about their lack of ASMR uploads, EGk1 was quoted saying, "[We] will upload more ASMR videos eventually when I get a new microphone. But I've missed doing ASMR, it's really fun and I like helping people with anxiety and other things like that, since ASMR has helped me while going through the same thing."


  • Both Shocking Pikachu and EGk1 have used an SF-922B Desktop Microphone, and have used it for both ASMR and voice recordings, but have occasionally used a bineural microphone.
  • Unlike other channels, People of the Age acts as they normally do in each of their videos, as you can occasionally hear in some ASMR videos that they are laughing and talking to the audience as they normally would. They've gone on record saying that, "We do this because if [the viewer] is watching the real us and are comfortable with us as we are and not "unsettlingly calm" then they won't feel relaxed enough to enjoy the ASMR experience."
  • Their first ASMR video was uploaded Feb 5th 2017, and the most recent one was uploaded March 29th 2018.