ASMR: All You Need To Know About That Relaxingly Tingling Feeling In Your Body

What is ASMR? Well...

Some know it as the nice tingling feeling in their head, and others refer to it as the brain orgasm. According to science, this feeling is defined as an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) and refers to a phenomenon which is very difficult to explain. Today, we will try to explain it to you and help you see all the details behind those satisfying feelings that this phenomenon provokes.

The Origins Of ASMR & The Common Sources Of 'The Feeling'

Whether you have encountered ASMR so far or not, chances are that you didn't know what it was from the very start. The weirdest thing about this phenomenon is the fact that it can be provoked by different things - whether it is someone speaking, a music song, the dentist or while watching an artist paint. The sensation comes as amazingly enjoyable to your brain and body, helping you stay calm and relaxed.

If you are questioning the actual reality of this feeling, it is safe to say that ASMR is real. However, there hasn't been any scientific research that confirms that this phenomenon is real as a feeling. All that the scientists have said so far is that ASMR is a common underlying condition.

Have You - And How To - Experience The Sensation Behind ASMR

And if there is one thing that is bad about ASMR, it is the fact that probably not everyone can - or had - experienced it in the past. The truth is, not everyone knows the sensation that ASMR brings and most people discover it by accident during their childhood. However, the number of adults that experience it for the first time is still pretty big.

The good thing is that there are many ASMR triggers that work and can give you the relaxing, calmful feeling and ones that may work for you. And although there is no proven ASMR trigger out there since every single one works differently for people, some of the most common triggers include whispering, scratching and tapping, blowing, page turning, painting, touching your head as well as personal attention.

As we already said, not everybody is (easily) able to experience ASMR and the sensation behind this feeling. If none of these triggers work for you, you may fall under the group of people who are not triggered by the ASMR sensation. However, it still may take some training and exploration before you discover it for the first time (in case you haven't yet.)

The Benefits Of ASMR - A Good Meditation?

Since this sensational feeling helps in calming and relaxing ourselves, it is definitely a form of good medicine. There are many people who intentionally play ASMR videos and use the triggers to relax after a hard day - or get to sleep. That is why ASMR is considered as a good meditation.

People who practice the ASMR sensation regularly have found the stress revels to be lower and their concentration to be higher. Also, people suffering from insomnia and difficulties with sleeping can use the ASMR videos to relax and distract themselves from the thoughts and send them to sleep. There are many ASMR videos specifically designed for this purpose.

A Final Word On ASMR

In the end, the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a great way to calm, relax and get to sleep easily. As a good meditation, it helps you reduce stress and provides exciting feelings in the head. That is why people use it repeatedly. However, it is important to say that the use of ASMR too often can be overwhelming - although it doesn't hold any dangers or potential disorders to your health.

So, have you ever felt deeply relaxed or soothed? Was it when you got your last haircut - while hearing someone turn magazine pages - or while getting a massage?

If yes, you now know the name of the sensation - and how to provoke it. And if you have never felt the sensation of ASMR before, there is no reason why you won't be able to do that starting today! 

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